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april-december 2010 the stawinoga brothers on their way from gelsenkirchen to calcutta
june-december 2010 jerusalemweg: by foot from austria to jerusalem
2008-2010 Motard´s Nomades marie´s and alain´s world ride by motobike (met south of salar de uyuni, bolivia)
october 2008-march 2009 cristianos bicycle-ride from brazil via peru, bolivia and chile up to argentina and back (met in uyuni, bolivia)
january 2008-january 2009 rolf's tour: one year in chile (met in santiago)
october 2008-april 2009 the blog of my travel-mate in latin-america. daniel´s journey continues south to patagonia and again north heading towards the argentinian-brasilian border
october-november 2008 juri's journey in south america: chile and peru (met in tacna and arequipa, peru)
february 2005-september 2007 juan villarino's hitch-hiker's tour crossing europe and asia: britain, ireland, germany, iraq, afghanistan, laos, china and many more... (met in buenos aires) Antarctica